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We sometimes get the question, What is "Shaker Style? Shaker Style for Modern Day Cabinetry is a very popular choice in Kitchen and Bath Remodels. Shaker Styling is simple in Design and Construction. A Cabinet Door is made of Styles, Rails and a recessed Center Panel. The Styles (Vertical members) and the Rails the (Horizontal members) of the Door Frame mostly define the Shaker Style. Originally the Styles and Rails were Square cut without any fancy shaping or detailing of the edges. The Styles just butted to the Rails without 45 degree miters. In today's adaptation of the Shaker Style, Omega Cabinets still uses that Simple Design and various Edge detailing and Miters to give a unique look to the Shaker Door.
We have over 40 Large Door/Drawer Front combinations with various Stains and Opaques on Display "Our Wall of Doors". Make an Appointment Come in, see them for yourself.

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